What size should the shoes be?
The foot must have growth moon and walking space, a total of about 15 mm. Growth moon should be about 10 mm and the walkway 5 mm as the foot moves forward for each step you take.

What is the difference between each size?
On our shoes it divides approximately 7 mm between each size.

How much does a child's foot grow?
Up to two years of age, children's feet usually grow 20 mm per year. Between two and three years of age approximately 15 mm per year and thereafter up to That child is eleven, with 10 mm per year. Be sure to measure the child's feet and shoes on a regular basis.

Why do children get wet on their feet?
In addition to children having a tendency to jump in watercushes and play in the snow, children's feet sweat several centiliters each day. Some of the moisture thaws upward through the shaft opening, the rest is to be sucked up by the socks and on the inside of the shoes. Please wear yarn socks that keep your feet dry, and switch between different shoes to allow them to dry between the uses.

How to avoid getting wet?
There are few materials that are completely waterproof. Boots and boots in leather or textile materials should be impregnated on a regular basis. In case of rain and wind, rubber or weather boots are recommended. In some of our shoes we use a waterproof material that guarantees water tightness.

Can I wipe the children's boots on a radiator?
No, avoid the element and drying cabinet, as especially the sole material may wipe out and cracking may occur. Also some reinforcements of cellular rubber or similar material react in the same way. One tip is to stop newsprint in the boots that absorb the fluid quickly.