Environment and Ethics

The world faces many challenges. Together, we must try to contribute to sustainable solutions so that today's needs do not endanger the future. Do you want to join? PAX Scandinavia is a company within the New Wave Group, which uses the term CSR (CorporateSocial Responsibility) as a collective name for our work on environment and ethics. CSR means that we take into account all three dimensions of sustainability: socially, environmentally and economically.

In this brochure we want to provide a complete picture of our CSR work.

Communicating how we create sustainable growth is fundamental to us as a publicly traded company in relation to customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. It gives us an opportunity to tell us what we are doing well - but also what we can do better.

CSR requires ongoing and long-term commitment. What makes the biggest difference is how we do our daily business. Therefore, we have three focus areas that are prioritized in our CSR work and based on the Group's core business.


Design and product development

How can we create as sustainable products as possible?

Purchasing and Production

How can we manufacture goods in a sustainable way?

Transport and Logistics

How do we ensure sustainable distribution in a global market?

The goal is to reduce our negative impact and maximize the positive effects that New Wave Group can have in society, both globally and locally. We also want to help you as a customer to make informed purchases. Your decision is important if we are to save the world a little bit everyday. You actually vote with your wallet on which products and companies are going to be successful in the market!

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